Fiber Splicing/Testing Services

FTTH/FTTP Fiber Optic Splicing


Optical Xperts has one of the most experienced Splicing teams in United States.  Thousand of hours of experience. Our staff are the industry leaders in splicing with social media, Data centers, Over 600 FTTH/FTTP projects in over 34 states.  

Ribbon Fiber Splicing


Optical Xperts Technicians specialize in Large ribbon fiber projects up to 3456 Fiber. We have spliced, Data Centers, Verizon, FTTH, Long Haul projects and over 100 different customers across the USA.

Data Center Splicing


Optical Xperts is experienced with Data Center termination, design, cable pulling, Testing.

Fiber Optic testing


Optical Xperts ability to test your Fiber Optic cables before or after installation is at the top of Industry standard. we provide test results for Social Media companies, Tier 3, Cooperatives, Verizon, and hundreds of other customers.

Experience Counts


Our Managers and Technicians have unmatched experience in the industry. We provide you with a trust that you can feel comfortable with and finished product that you can be proud of.

Work Areas


Our fiber Optic Splicing, Directional Drilling, cable plowing, Fiber optic cable blowing and other services are performed in, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota and many other locations across the USA.